Wellfield Engineering is one of the primary business units of the Wellfield Geosciences Group and was founded in 2005 from the former Engineering Division of Wellfield Consulting Services.

Offering Water Supply and Sanitation Systems Design

Design of Wastewater and Solid Waste Disposal Facilities

Engineering Construction Contract Supervision

Undertake Engineering Economic Feasibility Studies

Wellfield Engineering provides a comprehensive service that encompasses all aspects of Water Engineering and Urban Infrastructure Services, including Water Supply and Sanitation / Waste Systems, Solid Waste Facilities, Infrastructure Design and Construction Supervision.

In association with the other companies in the Wellfield Geosciences Group, Wellfield Engineering has also been involved in other aspects of the Water Sector, including Groundwater Development, Wellfield Design & Construction including Wellfield Management (Telemetry) programmes.

Project Management is also a feature of the WE portfolio and as such WE is able to provide Engineering Services in other associated business sectors including Roads, Bridges and Dam studies; with additional skills being drawn from other companies within the Wellfield Geosciences Group.

Wellfield Engineering is also able to utilise the services of an in-house Laboratory within the Group (Laboratory Services) and able to provide chemical, bacteriological and trace element analysis, along with soil and foundation testing.