• 1976

  • March 26

    Establishment of Company

    We believe that with the different and mutually complimentary specialist units within our organization we that we are able to offer a multifaceted and comprehensive solution for many, of our Clients assessment, exploration and development requirements. Providing detailed, critical scientific analysis under one umbrella, saving time and unnecessary costs.

  • April 14

    The Journey - From Company to Group

    From its founding in 1976, Wellfield Consulting Services has evolved from a single-focus Groundwater Consulting Company into a number of closely related but individual Companies in a number of different business sectors in Botswana and the SADC Region.

  • 2004

  • February 14

    Establishing and developing the five operating companies.

    Following the restructuring of Wellfield Consulting Services in 2004, the Wellfield Geosciences Group progressed from concept to reality, establishing and developing the five operating companies of which the Group is comprised namely; Wellfield Engineering, Wellfield Environment, Laboratory Services, Exploration Geophysics and Sediba Water Services. The founding company, Wellfield Consulting Services still operates within its own specialist field as it has done so successfully for over 40 years

  • Wellfield Investments

    The corporate management of the Group is provided by Wellfield Geosciences, which also manages Wellfield Investments, the holding company for a number of other business entities external to Botswana.

  • June 27

    Wellfield Geosciences Head Offices

    Wellfield Geosciences Head Offices are located in a wholly owned, purpose built, double storey building at Sediba House, Gaborone, Republic of Botswana. With over 2000m2 of modern air-conditioned office space, the building is fully equipped with broadband communication facilities and an internal network on which a digital company archiving system is established. This intranet system facilitates users to access over 30 years of data and reports from projects undertaken throughout the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and beyond.

  • Sediba House

    Sediba House, as well as providing each of the Group Companies required office space and meeting rooms etc., also accommodates Laboratory Services and its associated analytical facilities, as well as the Specialist Electronics Laboratory operated by Exploration Geophysics for maintenance, repair and calibration of all their respective electronic / geophysical equipment. In addition, this electronics facility is well positioned to provide external specialist electronic services in a commercial environment and accepts external (non-Group) specialist equipment for repair when capacity is available.

  • Provision of GIS analytical services

    Sediba House is also equipped with a modern dedicated GIS/CAD system with enhanced storage and processing facilities for digital cartographic production and provision of GIS analytical services, with printing facilities capable of reproducing maps and drawings up to A0 size both for internal application and for external Clients.

  • Five Directors

    The Wellfield Geosciences Group is managed and operated by five Directors, each of which is either associated directly with the day to day operations of one or more of the constituent companies or is directly involved in the administration of the Group as a whole.

  • Wide a client base

    In order to reach as wide a client base as possible the Wellfield Geosciences Group also has direct interests in companies in the water resources, environmental, exploration and allied engineering fields in Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda, with close associate status with former partner companies in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Zambia.

  • A large pool of regional expertise

    This situation provides for a large pool of regional expertise as well as substantial technical experience in a wide variety of hydrogeological, water engineering, exploration and environmental settings throughout the diaspora, and has enabled the Wellfield Geosciences Group to be involved, in one form or another, in various Programs throughout the Southern African Development Countries (SADC).

  • Highest professional standards

    We believe that our success has been largely the result of several axioms critical to the core thinking of all the Directors of the Group, principally a common unyielding desire to focus on the operations with which we are specifically experienced and then advertising our skills and capabilities through the results we produce, and secondly by developing the technical capabilities we know we have and are able to execute to the highest professional standards.